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Moving Tips

Moving Should be an exciting time in our lives! Unfortunately for most people it becomes a stressful time. You don’t have the equipment and or help to make it happen? We have a easier way to make things a little less stressful. No one wants to move thing multiple times to finally get to their final destination. We offer a great way to move! Let us know when and where you want a cube storage container, we set it there. As soon as you have it packed we move it to your new location. Your new location isn’t ready yet? That’s no problem, we can store our storage container at our secure location until it is ready. You just let us know when it is ready and we will deliver it hassle-free.

Make sure to have your address updated to sources such as Amazon, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Magazines or any other service that requires an address.

Make sure to cancel your utilities. This includes Water, Gas, Electricity, Internet, Phone and Garbage / Recycling services.

School Transfers
If you have children, be prepared for school transfers by acquiring their school records ahead of time.

Purchase Packaging supplies such as boxes, moving tape, bubble wrap, and sharpies (for labeling). Organize your packing by essentials, so you know which boxes to open first. With one of our Mobile Storage Containers, you can start packing your belongings long before the move initiates.

Snap Photos
Be prepared to snap photos for future reference. For example, Taking photos of electronic hubs can help determine which cord goes to which appliance. For extra convenience, Wrap a piece of masking tape on the cords so that they can be labeled.

If you are taking apart furniture or mounts, make sure to keep all pieces organized. Do this by placing nuts and bolts in Zip Lock bags.

Have your locks changed the day you move into your new house. You won’t want the past owners or relatives to have access.

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We understand the work and frustration that is involved with moving items multiple times. This business was born of necessity. My family and I have experienced these complications first hand. When moving into our new home, we experienced over a month between closing dates on the two properties. This required us to move our entire home into a couple storage units, then move it all again to the next house. It was a stressful, frustrating and time-consuming move to essentially have to move our belongings four times. With a cube mobile storage unit, we would have been spared sore backs, broken items and some of the stress involved with a residential move.

When working with Cube, I will personally be involved in the entire process. Our mission is to provide a more convenient alternative to aide in your move or provide versatile storage in Bozeman. We are a family-run business with a wonderful significant other and three little helpers. No doubt that you may not only see myself, but one of my very important helpers, during our time working together.

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