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We understand the work and frustration that is involved with moving items multiple times. This business was born of necessity. My family and I have experienced these complications first hand. When moving into our new home, we experienced over a month between closing dates on the two properties. This required us to move our entire home into a couple storage units, then move it all again to the next house. It was a stressful, frustrating and time-consuming move to essentially have to move our belongings four times. With a cube mobile storage unit, we would have been spared sore backs, broken items and some of the stress involved with a residential move.

When working with Cube, I will personally be involved in the entire process. Our mission is to provide a more convenient alternative to aide in your move or provide versatile storage in Bozeman. We are a family-run business with a wonderful significant other and three little helpers. No doubt that you may not only see myself, but one of my very important helpers, during our time working together.

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